The myth of the "UX designer"

I truly dislike seeing these articles around "UX" designers. Every other week they go on and on about how they're not just UI designers, or web designers, and about how there are so many very important distinctions. 

Lets define something. UX equates to user experience. The user experience may be in fact, the most important thing your company has. Do you know who is responsible for creating a good user experience? EVERYONE ON YOUR TEAM. EVERYONE.

UI designers simply control the experience around the visual interface. A lot of the UX might go into that, and it is the designer's responsibility to defend and enhance that experience.

However, it is the entire team's responsibility to make sure things work properly, quickly, and in such a way that the user enjoys using the service or product (this is usually a great way to eat your own dog food, and test your products).

News flash: Good solid design, in any sense (code or visual), is an iterative process. This means it needs to continually change and grow based on feedback, data, and conversion rates. If you're a programmer working somewhere, and your "UX" person does something that you think is bananas, it's your responsibility to let them know. 

I have UX in my title, most definitely - but I'm not trying to oversell something beyond a certain point. How the hell do people think good UX existed prior to the invention of the UX role?

Make good products for the user. If this is everyone's main concern, your UX will be amazing, plain and simple.